Port of Milford Haven

Marine Leisure Services

The Milford Haven Waterway is the largest ria estuary in Wales. Its sheltered, tidal waters are surrounded by a diverse two hundred mile coastline providing habitats for an abundance of wildlife. The unspoilt scenic qualities of the upper and lower reaches of the Waterway were recognised in 1952 through the designation of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This has allowed the importance of the landscape on either side of the central industrialised core to be recognised during the Waterway’s development into a major commercial port.

The sheltered waters and fine scenery provide a valuable and varied resource for a vast range of water-based activities from recreation (including a number of National and World Championships) to commercial uses. The use of the Waterway requires careful consideration of the potentially conflicting interests of recreation, conservation, commerce and community in order to establish a safe and effectively managed environment in which all can coexist.

Byelaws and zoning schemes exist which are applicable to recreational users. Details of these are shown in the Leisure User Guide which is widely available around the Haven in the marinas, yacht clubs, chandleries and hostelries.

Every five years, the Port of Milford Haven produces the Milford Haven Waterway Recreation Plan which outlines the management of the Haven’s recreational opportunities. It offers a clear guidance as to how the Port of Milford Haven actively engages with the Waterway’s community stakeholders and partner organisations in the delivery of a sustainable approach to water-borne recreation.

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