Solar Array at Liddeston Ridge

Solar Array at Liddeston Ridge
Key Facts





What has been built?
• 20,000 high-efficiency solar photovoltaic panels, each generating around 250 watts and with a 25 year lifespan (though they may continue to be efficient for much longer)
• Panels have been installed in arrays, oriented towards the south, mounted on aluminium structures

• Each panel measures 1 metre by 1.7 metres and are grouped into two rows of panels per array, in a portrait orientation. The tallest point is approximately 2.5 metres from the ground. 

Where is the site?

• Four fields covering 12.3 hectares of land at Liddeston Ridge in Hakin, Milford Haven

• Existing hedgerows and native woodland surrounding the fields will help shield the panels from view

What are the benefits?
Reduced carbon emissions and a more diverse energy supply:
• The solar panels are capable of supplying over 5,000 megawatt hours of clean electricity each year; enough energy to power around 1,000 homes as well as saving just over 1,800 tonnes of carbon emissions – equivalent to taking 267 cars off the road! 

• All of the clean energy generated is fed into the local grid, becoming part of the energy mix used by houses and businesses in the immediate vicinity

• The Port of Milford Haven will invest the profits made from clean energy generation back into its activities as a Trust Port, after covering installation costs (estimated to be in the region of £5million)

New jobs:
• Around 100 jobs were created during the construction phase, sourced locally where possible

Increased biodiversity:
• Significant habitat management is a key part of this project, which will see the field sites at Liddeston be transformed over time from grassland to a wildflower meadow – attracting a wider variety of insects, birds and animals

Why solar?

• After considering all renewable energy options for the land, a photovoltaic array was chosen over a wind energy development  as it minimised environmental impacts

• Pembrokeshire is one of the best places in the UK to install solar panels; monitoring of the existing arrays (at Pembroke Port and Milford Marina and Fish Docks) over nine months last year showed 24% greater production than the port expected – despite the wettest summer in 100 years

What else is the port doing about renewable energy generation?

Renewable energy is now an established, essential and growing part of the UK's future energy economy.  As the UK's energy capital, the Port of Milford Haven is committed to establishing a substantial presence in the renewable energy industry.

In 2012 the Port installed 2,500 solar panels across 25 of its buildings in Milford Marina and Fish Docks and Pembroke Port, installed low-energy LED bollards throughout Milford Marina as part of a renovation programme, and invested in marine energy research via Marine Energy Pembrokeshire before that.  Further green energy ideas are being developed to further reduce the Port’s carbon footprint and these will be communicated in time.

The Port has attracted around £3 billion of private sector inward investment over the last 6 years and supports around 4,000 jobs in Pembrokeshire.  Investing in renewable energy will assist the Port with its overall aim of stimulating further sustainable development across Pembrokeshire, Wales and the UK.

For further information contact:
Tim James
Energy Development Manager
Port of Milford Haven
Tel: 01646 696100