Whatever your interest in fishing, there is something to cater for all levels, whether you’re a ‘have a go’ hand liner, serious species hunter or you just want one for the pot, there is something for you in the waterway. The fishing found locally easily matches other top venues in the UK. Opportunities for shore or boat fishing within the Waterway are abundant. When choosing your fishing spot remember that the water way is a busy place particularly around the piers, pontoons, slipways and moorings so please be considerate to vessels accessing these facilities. Care should also be taken when casting and retrieving lines in proximity to other users. We also ask that you discard of any unused bait and redundant tackle properly.

Some of the locations worth trying are the sea wall at Milford marina at the east end of the Docks, Gelliswick Bay under Hubberston Fort, the long sea wall at Brunel Quay, Neyland, and Hobbs Point Slipway with its deep water. All fishing here is free and is best undertaken on the flood. All these locations are extremely safe, have the advantage of being ideal for disabled anglers, and are perfect for children to catch a variety of crabs with hand lines.

Tackle losses are common in exposed rocky marks and in other popular areas such as Hobbs Point. Rotten bottom rigs will help to reduce losses and the effects of ghost fishing and taking rubbish home will reduce the effect of litter. A local group of divers, Neptune's Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC), set up a group to help address the problem of lost tackle and general rubbish and carry out underwater cleanups around Pembrokeshire. On a single trip to one site 235kg of lead weights were recovered along with the associated traces. 

Possible species you may encounter include Bass, Flatties, Conger, Dogfish, Pollack and Wrasse, with ragworm, mackerel and squid as the best bait. Try float fishing for Grey Mullet or Garfish, and for Mackerel with spinners or feathers in the summer. Winter months have seen catches of Cod in deeper waters within the waterway

Afloat for the more seaworthy anglers, a number of charter boats are available for hire around the Waterway, offering 4 hour Mackerel trips up to full 12 hour wreck fishing expeditions. Off St. Anne’s Head there is an abundance of species, with 22 recorded on one trip alone. Alternatively use your own boat. There are launch sites available throughout the waterway giving a range of tidal access. Common catches from boats in addition to those already mentioned include, Black Bream  Rays, Coalie, Smoothhound and sharks. If you do intend to enjoy a day out on your own boat please ensure that you abide by the guidance on this site and in the Leisure Guide and don’t anchor in main channels or in such a manner that you will cause an obstruction or danger to other vessels and users.

When fishing within the waterway you should ensure that you are fully aware of local legislation and restriction before taking fish. The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) Fisheries office is responsible for managing the welsh fisheries. As such they have a number of statutory Instruments and restrictions in place within the limits of the waterway. These instruments set minimum size limits, denote restricted areas and the periods the restrictions apply as well as detailing regulations on the methods used for catching fish including netting and potting. For more information visit the Welsh Government's website.

The Bass (specified areas) (Prohibition of Fishing) Order 1999 also places restrictions on fishing for Bass in the area enclosed south of a line drawn from the eastern end of the Valero jetties to the foreshore at Llanreath and above the Cleddau Bridge. The restrictions apply to fishing from a boat and prohibits the use of sandeels as bait during within these areas between 31 April and 1st November.