Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Committee

The Environmental Management Committee (EMC) meets on alternate months and consists of members of the Port's Senior Management, Operational Managers, Marine Managers and staff Environmental Representatives who consider environmental matters of interest, concern or strategic importance to activities and performance throughout the organisation. The EMC reports through the Senior Management Team to the Port's Board of Directors.

Environmental Manager

The Environmental Manager is responsible for developing the Environmental Management System across the organisation. The Environmental Manager provides specialist advice and environmental support services to all operational activities throughout the Port. The Environmental Manager represents the Port upon environmental matters and provides the primary environmental liaison with external organisations, regulators, and members of the public. The Environmental Manager has line management reporting responsibilities to the Engineering Director.

Environmental Representatives

The Environmental Reps volunteer their services and are the local champions of, and encourage good environmental practice within the work place. They act as the eyes and ears regarding environmental matters at the sharp end. They assist in maintaining the profile and momentum of environmental improvement within the organisation. They ensure a sense of balance in the Environmental Management System and ensure communications do not become top-down only, or one directional. They assist in completing environmental concern reporting and also other environmental initiatives, either directly through the Corporate Risk Assurance Framework Event Reports or through the ‘Eureka’ staff suggestion scheme. Environmental Reps participate in the Environmental Management Committee (EMC) meetings.

Work Site Inspections

A programme of worksite H&S inspections is established at year-end for the following year. HSE site inspections include an environmental component and cover all  operational and business support sites which are visited, as a minimum on a bi-monthly basis. Each inspection involves the Environmental Manager who produces an Environment Site/Workplace Inspection Report which includes Observations and Corrective Actions aimed at ensuring legislative compliance and encouraging best practice. The Environmental site inspection report is circulated to the site manager for actioning and comment. Any outstanding or unresolved actions are entered remaining prior to the bi-monthly Environmental Management Committee meeting (see above), are added to the Assurance Framework Event Control Register which is discussed as a standing agenda item at each EMC.

Environmental Risk Management

The primary routes for the identification and mitigation of environmental risk are:

The Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register

HSE Worksite Inspections

Corporate Risk Management Assurance Framework Event Reports

Inclusion within the Business Risk Registers