Port of Milford Haven

Business Development

We are actively seeking opportunities in the following sectors:

Freight and logistics

A twice daily ferry service from Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal to Rosslare, Southern Ireland forms a very effective bridge between Ireland, UK and onwards to the Continent. The modern ferry “MV Isle of Inishmore” carries passengers, cars and freight with a transit time of 4 hours from berth to berth and is the hauliers preferred choice on the Southern Corridor.

We are currently working with partner ports in Northern Spain to initiate a freight ferry service from Spain to the UK. Our strategic goal is to attract further freight streams to our ferry port in the medium term.  

General cargo and commodities

Pembroke Port can accommodate a variety of general cargo and heavy lift vessels and their associated products. We have recent experience in the handling, storage and onward delivery of Timber, Animal Feed, De-icing Salt, Aggregates and Specialist Engineering Heavy Lift.

The Port has a number of specialist service providers based within the Haven such as Ship Supplies, Ship Repairers, Marine Services, haulage contractors and Ships Agents who are all able to assist with our customers’ needs and that of the ship owner.

It is our aim to give the highest standard of customer care and satisfaction at all times. 



Pembroke Port is ideal for the assembly and manufacturing of renewable components and devices.

The Port has a number of specialist service providers based within the Haven such as specialist engineering companies, Ship Builders and Repairers, Marine Services and haulage contractors who can assist with construction, deployment and operations and maintenance.

We are experienced in handling high tonnage,  specialist project cargoes and can tailor the site and expertise to suit your project’s requirements.

We see renewable energy as part of a sustainable future for the port and are willing to adapt our existing facilities and services to fulfil the industry’s needs. 



The Port of Milford Haven is committed to maintaining and enhancing the fishing industry at Milford Fish Docks.

We are looking for partners to assist us in the development of fish processing facilities, retail outlets and to increase demand for local catches. Our aim is to assist in expanding the Welsh market for product landed in Milford Fish Docks, as well as supplying nationally and internationally.